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Acting Level 4Acting Level 4


Curious New World performed by Level 4 Professional Diploma in Performance 

This exciting project is based upon ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’ adapted by the students of the Level 4 Professional Diploma in Performance. Using the original play as a starting point, the students created a hybrid fusion of live stage and pre-recorded elements. As Covid struck again, the students adapted magnificently to stage scenes using only Zoom and Teams group video chat and integrate them seamlessly into live shot scenes once we were back in college.  Filming took place in our new TV studios at Inspired in Brierley Hill, where we managed to bring Christopher’s unique perspective of the world to life with dramatic results. Everyone involved thoroughly enjoyed the process and we are all extremely proud of the result. 


Robert Hollington – Christopher 

Bethany Hall – Siobhan 

Chloe Di Franco – Mrs. Alexander, multiple characters 

Luke Maybury – Ed Boone, multiple characters 

Haleema Nasir – Mrs. Sheers, multiple characters 

Amy Stokes – Judy Boone, multiple characters 

Charlotte Fereday – Multiple characters 

BTEC Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Performing Arts (Dance)BTEC Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Performing Arts (Dance)


Year 1 Dance Showcase – Fairy-Tales

Year 1 Dance performed and choreographed extracts from several fairy-tale’s and solo performances. As part of this, they collaborated with the Level 3 Technical Theatre students.


Kyron Brown, Lucy Cashmore, Megan Davies, Aimee Fairbrother, Anya Flower, Ellie Groom, Stephanie Morton, Darcey Pearce, Renee Simmonds, Catherine Tighe, Isabel Yardley  

Technical Theatre Students: Alex Kerry, Robbie Cooper, Toni Manly, Matt Tobin, Charlie Rowson, Josh Rickes, George Whale, Sed Pierz. 

Directors: Jodie Davis, F ran Eardley and Lisa Fitzpatrick  

Year 2 – Alice in Wonderland

The Poster for the production of Alice in Wonderlandland performed by two different casts over two nights

Cast 1 Performance – Broadcast Thursday 10th June 2021


In Rehearsal

Cast 2 Performance – Broadcast Thursday 10th June 2021