Asia Graves Best Six Images


This project is inspired by a desire to document many portraits from various contexts, environments and settings, including organised photoshoots of drag queens, peer group and family. This body of work allows me to develop specific techniques on location and within the studio, advancing skills, confidence and ability.

Artists that have informed the work so far include, Alec Soth, Michela Riva, Andre Nygune, Richard Billingham, Mona Strieder and Andri Laukas. My portraits are going to be inspired by Michela Riva and Mona Strieder. The reason I have chosen these two artists is because I like how they use different angels for their portraits. They also incorporate nature as their preferred locations and I find it interesting how the final results emphasis each model, within the location.

The techniques that I have used for this project include managing lighting, positioning, location and post production editing. The camera is generally held in the portrait format as opposed to the landscape format. I have also explored the effects of colour, black and white and different gels to generate images. Summarise the whole project and talk about the final images…how these link to the theme and why, in your opinion they are successful?

The project is centred on capturing portraits from a range of characters, trying to present their style, their personality and their true selves. The images have been selected based on their ability to best communicate the true nature of the subject, revealing something new.