Amy Raybould: Artsfest 2021 Gallery


Project Title: Music for Lockdown

My final project is about people’s most listened to and/or favourite song during lockdown. The multiple lockdowns over the past year ended up leaving everyone feeling isolated and anxious. My models gave me a song that they have either listened to a lot during the past year or songs that gave them comfort. I then created a series of images based on the lyrics in these songs including songs by artists such as Taylor Swift and Fall Out Boy. For everyone music was a way to escape the ‘real world’ and the stresses that came with the current events. In one survey it mentioned that 91% of participants said that music helped them feel a sense of escapism. Music is all around us, but we’ve never realised how important and useful it is to uplift us, as well as to distract us, until we were made to ‘stay safe’ and to ‘stay at home’.