Aaron Buck Best Six Images


For my creative independent project, I set myself the challenge of documenting a specific location in Birmingham called Digbeth. The focus of these images was to capture graffiti, murals and wall drawings depicting a wide range of subjects and themes. The rational for doing this was to highlight the topic issues and themes within this street art.

I’ve tried to capture the atmosphere within each environment, through the art work. By capturing the street and the art work I have attempted to frame the environment in which the work was done. Instead of being simple documents I wanted to provide more of a story behind the street art. The research I have completed includes the following, Keegan Gibbs, Martha Cooper, Jürgen Große, Henry Chalfant. these photographers are some of the best photographers that does graffiti and art pictures. 

These street art pictures can raise awareness for mental health and political problems. The reason why I have chosen street art pictures around Digbeth is to raise awareness for mental health and political problems. Street based Illustration and art can provoke memories, compel action and raise awareness within the community.