Seraphina Hunt Gallery 2022


For my FMP I wanted to return to an earlier project. Although the earlier project went well, I felt that I could have explored it further and delved into my imagination deeper to develop on the concept. Reflecting back, there were areas that I missed out on and did not expand on such as trying out different surface patterns and even construction techniques.

This time around I used Flowers as the starting point again but combined this with the idea of Contrast and Clash. I was inspired by fashion companies such as Pretty Little Thing, Fashion Nova, Urban Outfitters and Shien because they always brought out clothing that is unique to the mass market, I was also inspired by high end designers such as Alexander McQueen, Comme des Garcons and Viktor & Rolf. I created a collection of designs aimed at the young womenswear market and translated the successful designs into 3D wearable pieces.