Mia Huckfield Gallery 2022


For my FMP, I decided to create photographs that are related to song lyrics. The main reason I chose this theme was to show the personal importance of music. All the artists I chose have helped me overcome hard times within my life through their lyrics, especially during lockdown. I also wanted to incorporate graphic design to draw in the connection between the words and images. 

The song lyrics allowed me to be more experimental and explore more unfamiliar aspects within my photography. I believe every song lyric ever made has a different meaning depending on who you have a conversation with, which is the sincere beauty of music; I wanted each viewer to experience and feel something different with each piece.  

This truly tested my ability to capture the emotions in my photography and I really enjoyed the challenge that has been presented to me throughout the project. I had to adapt to new aesthetics, new equipment, and new edits for each image, all in an attempt to capture the meaning and feeling that the song lyrics intend to evoke.