Megan Jeffries: Artsfest 2021 Gallery



‘Colour’ explores the relationship between colour psychology and fashion photography. Each colour has its own characteristics associated with it that can alter viewers moods, thoughts and feelings upon viewing it. I have created a character associated with each colour portraying the feelings and emotions attached to it. The colour red is often associated with passion and sensuality but also can refer to danger. The colour blue has been known to lower both blood pressure and anxiety yet have little emotive connotations. Starting from left to right, the work attempts to alter viewers emotions. Red, the colour of emotion has physiological impacts that will raise the viewers’ heart rates. Orange, a colour known for its tension, discomfort and negative energy. Finally yellow, a representation of the sun, a colour of fun, warmth, happiness, and inspiration. The work intends to take the viewers on a journey of discomfort to comfort.