Kayde Bills Best Six Images


The theme was chosen after I was inspired by an Instagram artist called Folkawolf, as he mocks brands and companies using unique and dark humour. In response to this I have created my own campaign focused on the impact and use of sugar and the excesses used within many food and drink products. This campaign is designed to provoke opinions, comments and responses from the audience, and to raise awareness of food and dietary practices.

The general public are still largely unaware or simply not fully appreciative of the actual, scientific and health based significance of sugar consumption. My photographic project aims to change this. Artists that have inspired the work include Folkawolf based on his conceptual and physical campaign that appears as gurellia advertising, where the actual branding, logo and colour schemes are incorporated into his work.

This makes the impact more significant and rememberable as the public are often easily misguided. Techniques and approaches that were used included still life photography, lighting and composition, within the studio. I have selected the images of sweets and pop because it best reflects the theme I have chosen which is sugar.