Journey of Success: Artsfest 2021


Each year, we carefully select students from our courses to receive a ‘Journey of Success’ award for their outstanding achievements during their time with us. Here are their stories…

L3 Animation: Joshua Aldred

L3 Ext Dip Music Technology: Jake Arnold

L3 Y2 Art and Design Group B: Eden Beaven

Extended Production Arts: Ffion Bessey

L3 Ext Dip Art and Design B: Lisa Bullows 

Level 2 Art and Design Skills: Ashley Colley

L1 Diploma Art and Design: Bradley Colley

L3 Music Performance Year 2: Hannah Contes

L3 Ext Dip Performing Arts (Acting): Abigail Dingley

A-Level Textile Design: Zoe Flavell

L3 Ext Dip Computer Games Design: Adam Fletcher 

Entry 3 Ext Cert Art and Design: Amelia Grainger

L4 Prof Dip in Performance: Beth Hall

L1 Vocational (Music): Charles Harrison

A-Level Photography: Daisy Hill

BTEC L3 Diploma in Photography Yr2: Jack Hinton

L2 Dip Creative Media Skills B: Flynn Hobley

Level 2 Diploma Performing Arts : Amy Kitson

L2 Music: Shay McGinn

L3 Ext Dip Fashion and Textiles: Navdeep Najran

Art and Design Level 2: Megan Parker

L3 Ext Film and TV Production: Joe Potter

A-Level Graphic Communication: Will Powell

L3 Ext Dip Performing Arts (Dance):
Sharni-Rose Sanders-Bunce

Art and Design Level 2: Hasibah Sarfraz

L1 Voc Dip Creative Industries: Louis Simcox

A-Level Product Design: Caitlin Siviter

L3 Ext Dip Graphic Design: Tiana Szalajda Smith

L2 Dip Creative Media Skills: Alex Smith

L3 Ext Dip Art and Design A: Kian Smith

A-Level Fine Art: Abby Staniland

L4 Professional Diploma in Performance: Dan Stiffel 

L4 Arts Practice: Diana Waldron

Creative Media Production: Ed Wragg

The Andy Perks Award

Andy worked for Dudley College for over 30 years and was an integral part of the Art and Design department. He is passionate about learners , especially those who have worked hard to overcome challenges. After dedicating so much of this life to art and education, Andy is now enjoying his retirement working in his studio creating beautiful sculptures. This award is to honor the dedication that Andy has shown over 30 years at Dudley College. 

And the Winner of The Andy Perks Award is…

Games Design: Lee Hadley