Jack Hinton: Artsfest 2021 Gallery


We Are The Youth of the Modern Age

The title of my final major project is “we are the youth of the modern age.” In this project I have explored the lifestyles and culture of the youth of 2021. I have done this by photographing people who are of a similar age to me. I have also included my collection of candid images that I have been creating on a disposable camera whilst out with friends over the past two years. For this exhibition I have created a bedroom installation, heavily inspired by the work of Tracey Emin. For this I wanted to recreate the bedroom of a teenager, so I have chose objects that not only compliment my images well but also are things that would be found in mine or a typical teenagers bedroom. Throughout the installation, my images are dotted about on objects such as T-shirts, mouse-mats, posters and mugs.