Gurleen Kaur Graphics 2022


Keshi Album Design

I have decided to pursue an album re-design and re-package for Vietnamese American musician Keshi signed with ‘Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc,’ formally known as Casey Luong, for his ‘Trilogy’ records/ EP’s: ‘skeletons’, ‘bandaids’ and ‘always’. Currently, this trilogy exists primarily on Spotify and in physical form as a vinyl that was sold for a limited amount of time as a special edition item.

My aim is to bring all three EPs together into a deluxe album in which the design will be upgraded and refined from something that is relatively minimal and basic with the additional reason being that listeners can listen to the entire trilogy in a single CD. Three different versions of this Trilogy album will be produced in the theme of each EP which will potentially increase consumers’ desire to buy the new refined album.