Fay Peters Gallery 2022


From March 2020, Coronavirus has been something we have all had to deal with for almost two years now. When I was looking for themes for my FMP, I wanted to use a concept that really stood out to me and how I could interpret something typically ‘ugly’ into a beautiful design piece. This would not only create awareness of the horrible virus, and many of its kind, but it would give people the opportunity to look at the virus in an unusual way. 
The close-up of the coronavirus had a beauty of its own which made me consider what other viruses looked like up close such as cancer and measles. The notion of enlarging small items to discover its hidden beauty became more interesting and I felt that this could be an opportunity to take forward into my final work.

I looked at several types of virus cells under a zoomed in microscope to see the beautiful patterns and lines it revealed. Looking at the differences between the cells and the different mutated cells gave me the opportunity to compare the patterns of each cell and work out the best designs for a surface pattern project. I tested ideas out for both abstract wall and interior decoration and so played with scale, repetition and texture to create a variety of outcomes.