Cassidy Woodrow Best Six Images


For my Creative Independent Project, I didn’t necessarily stick to a universal theme for all my images. I like to add a lot of hidden meanings into my work, and I felt this project was the perfect opportunity to do so.  

The general idea I had for my project was to recreate album or song covers, but I would recreate ones that meant something to me more than others. Not only this, I chose albums/songs that had deeper meanings to them, and ones that the listener probably wouldn’t notice until doing research. These meanings would include mental illnesses, sexism, misogyny, abuse, and many more.  

Four of the covers are ones that I would need a model for, so I decided to self-model for all of these. This is a way of me battling my doubts with how I look in photos and trying to build my confidence.  

The replicas I would try to create as close to the original as possible. I tested out lighting with coloured gels on LED lights to ensure I got the correct colour backgrounds. I looked at the clothes the models were wearing and would try and wear clothes as close as possible, even looking at the type of shoes that had been worn in the original covers. 

I chose to do all the work on this project myself, including all the camera work & editing. This was a way of testing myself and seeing how my work can turn out without being helped by tutors or classmates.